Turn every transaction into a relationship​
Meet the new convenient way to keep your customers coming back and reward them seamlessly and with ease​.
The importance of Retention Marketing​
On average 60% of customers don't return to a business. ​​Bringing new customers into your business is a great way to grow—but getting existing customers to come back is even better! ​​With the power of automated card link loyalty, you can keep customers engaged with cashback offers that bring them back to your business again and again.​
Well Established
Your customers meet
your loyalty platform online or instore.
They add it into their bank cards with a secure journey.
They shop as usual online or instore.
They get rewarded automatically cash amount back into
their account.
cashback rewards
Cashback is a customer favourite since it's tangible, instant and easily understood. ​

Cashback creates an incentive to buy without compromising or harming your brand value - what discount codes or coupons do​
Connect with
your customers
Online or Offline​
Clink funktioniert überall gleich, sowohl im Onlineshop als auch national oder international vor Ort im Geschäft.

Ihre Kund:innen können dem Treueprogramm mühelos mit einer einfachen URL oder einem QR-Code beitreten.
Safe & Secure​
To protect both merchant and users, we operate in accordance with the highest open banking security standards​.
Unique behavioural insights​
Enrich your understanding of your customer with unique spending insights that can guide your marketing plans and understand your competitive landscape .
Turn your customers into regulars​
Implement Clink regardless of your sales volume, number of customers or if you are online or offline. ​
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